Supernal Diaspora [Mage: The Awakening]

Return to Normalcy

A Return to Normalcy

It’s been weird since I got back. Stumbling through the gauntlet into my parent’s basement was something akin to a childhood nightmare, returning to an empty, dilapidated house with all semblance of home erased. I’d like to pretend I didn’t call for them, but I think a part of me always expected that they’d be there, waiting. That first day back was the second loneliest day I can remember. It was almost a relief to find myself looking down the blade of Ferrum’s sword. He was surprisingly polite for a man who was essentially taking me downtown.
The weeks I spent under observation in the Academy weren’t all bad. The Brotherhood were incredibly tight lipped at first, and all of our conversations felt staged. But honestly, after so long on my own it was just nice to talk to a human again. Then the last day came and I met my cousin. My first impression was that Agdos looked so much like her mother. Mind you, I can’t picture her in mind, but I know that she looked a lot like Agdos. She explained that I was being released but should be on my best behavior. It was underwhelming at first. I’d finally found some measure of family, and she didn’t seem to want to bother with me.
That first night after they released me was the loneliest night. So the next day when the Guardian started poking around, I offered him a room. Yeah, I know he was technically here to spy on me. Still, it was nice to have the company. And I’ve got nothing to hide. I think.
All things considered, it’s really not surprising that I’d offer the place up like this. I guess they’re the closest I’ve got to friends now. Everyone I knew grew up, moved on, or died. But they’re not bad. We’re all odd to some extent. Anomalies. Freaks. Not only are we not walking the traditional Paths, most of us walk roads entirely unknown. I don’t mind though, I’ve had stranger company over the years. And having so many people around the house reminds me of that one summer before the scepter, when my aunt came to live with us. The whole thing is a little hazy, but this just feels right. Things are getting better. Agdos is even coming over for dinner tonight. She’s got something she says I need to see. Something called ‚ÄúStar Wars" …


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