Supernal Diaspora [Mage: The Awakening]

How to Build a Better Life by Stealing from the Collection Plate...

Robinson commits grand larceny

Our investigation of the church turned up something big. We figured there were banishers working out of it, but now we’ve got names, faces, and some idea of what they’re capable of, and who took a shot at the priest.

Turns out there’s a veteran, from back in my day, who takes a very militant approach to mages. He and the father had a… falling out a couple years ago. The man’s name is Weapon, and Venture says he’s the one who shot the priest.

Unfortunately our visit to the priest’s hospital bed was cut short when Max lost it and started blabbering incoherently. From what Max told us and what the priest said, I think it’s probably a safe bet that he knows at least one of us is a mage. That will make things interesting if we go back to the church.

Mind you, I don’t see a big reason for us to go back just yet. Maybe we can negotiate a cease fire with the people there. The two who came after us at the Emerald Scroll were incredibly eager for violence, but maybe their failure will convince the rest of the group that a gentler touch may be a wiser course of action. However, we’ve relieved them of several magical items they kept in their basement. I felt bad about stealing the Momento Mori, but I just couldn’t feel good leaving it in their hands with the threat of violence still in the air.

I’m a little more conflicted about the items Max purloined, but I don’t really have a leg to stand on there. And to be honest, if they’ve got someone who can speak to the spirits, they’ll be better off if he stops taking the lazy way out. You can’t keep your people safe by forbidding the spirits from a single building. You need to know who’s in your neighborhood, deal with the reasonable ones, and make sure the malevolent ones understand that they’re not welcome.

On the bright side, I’m fairly certain that Agdos will be interested in what we found.


MParker546 Fowlor

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