Supernal Diaspora [Mage: The Awakening]


Robinson's response to the temporal verge

Questions. Always more questions. I’d hoped that my work with Chain would tell me something about what happened to my parents. Where mom went, why nobody remembers dad. Still no leads on mom, but this time verge might just be the question that leads me to dad.

Chain says that this area is like a Verge, but for time. If that’s true, could the scepter have carried me through into a new world? And if so, what happened to my father? I still exist, I still vanished, so he must have met mom. If he didn’t find the scepter, how did I ever get ahold of it? None of this makes sense. If I play my cards right I might be able to talk to Chain about this. Everyone I’ve mentioned it to before got that distressed look in their eyes, the one you reserve for crazy people. But with all of his talk of timelines, he just might believe.

Then we have this cult. How did they find the house? The occultation wards were supposed to be fully active until a few years ago. Most of them were sleepers, and the wards at least still keep them out. And what was that scroll they took? Agdos said that all of the Mysterium’s treasures were removed when my mother neglected her duties. Was it one of hers? I was told she took everything of any real power with her when she left, why would she leave that? Did she not know about it? If it wasn’t hers would it be dad’s? Agdos still doesn’t like to talk about her mother, but I’m worried that she may be important to all this. She was here when I got pulled away, maybe she saw what happened.

Questions, so many damned questions.


MParker546 Fowlor

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