Supernal Diaspora [Mage: The Awakening]

I pray some guy my soul to keep

Robinson witnesses Athaneus "borrow" a soul

Oh boy. This whole investigation went straight to pot and awful quick. It started simply enough. The priest was creepy, the congregation harbored a number of mages, and they don’t like spirits. No surprises there.
But right when we’re about to regroup and check it out, some psycho starts firing one of these modern rifles right into the church. I don’t know what it is first, but as soon as Athaneus dives behind a car I catch on pretty quick. Before I really know what’s happening, he and Sprout have both gone dashing into the church and I’ve lost track of Venture. Not wanting to be the only guy sitting out there with a gun toting lunatic about, I go dashing for the window. I’m up and through the window just fine, but when I land a large piece of glass slides out from under my foot and sends me falling straight back and slamming my head onto the shards of glass left in the window.
The next few seconds are pretty scattered. The next thing I really remember is my flesh knitting and no longer feeling the blood flowing from the back of my head. When I look over I see Sprout and Athaneus are crouched over the church’s priest and Athaneus is screwing the cap onto a water bottle. Remembering what The Streets said about the building, I start unweaving the spirit ward over this place. Maybe the local spirit mage can learn a little about tolerance.
Sprout called an ambulance for the priest. That’s about when I realized what I’d seen. Athaneus was tearing out the priest’s soul and sticking it into the water bottle. Given the gaping hole in the priest’s chest I’m going to guess that Athaneus had the best of intentions, but it’s still not the kind of sight you just shrug off. Regardless, Athaneus says the priest will live so long as we get his soul out of the water bottle and back into him. But before that we’ve got a few questions.


MParker546 Fowlor

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