This is the Campaign wiki for Supernal Diaspora, a Mage the Awakening Chronicle set in Boston using a variation of the Magic Circle campaign option from the Mage Chroniclers Guide, while including some house rules to incorporate the God Machine Chronicle rules updates.

The World of the Fallen and Shattered

On July 20th 1969 the heavens were torn asunder. Prior to this, the unseen world had been defined by the Exarchs and the Oracles, fighting an invisible war for the supernal realms. Their agents on earth fought a cold war; with Seers of the Throne working against the Pentacle Mages and their Free Council allies. The realms supernal were lost to humanity since the fall of Atlantis, but that all changed when we ascended to the moon.

Mysterium scholars are unsure as to the cause of The Sundering, but the parallels between humanities quest for spaceflight and the Ladder of Atlantis are hard to miss. Man’s first phenomenal steps on the moon sent a shockwave through the realms invisible; turning the abyss into a maelstrom. This burst of power was hard to miss, from the most powerful master to the most ignorant sleepwalker, the reverberations were felt. The energies from the Supernal realms could started to flow, like water from a leaky, crumbling dam. All mages who were alive remember this day, as they felt the connection to their magic alter. Some described it as a burning sensation that lasted for several days. Others felt as though their connection to the Watchtower was severed and then returned moments later as suddenly as it left. But, The Sundering also fractured the watchtowers; fracturing the pillars of strength that had guided the society of mages since the fall of Atlantis. A multitude of fractal supernal realms emerged, arranging themselves into a kaleidoscope of configurations. This had the immediate effect of calling into question the traditional thoughts on the relationships and hierarchy of Arcana based on the Watchtower Paths. However, the more long running side effect is that mages started to awaken along stranger, more obscure paths.

For the first time in remembered history mages were able to walk past the confines of the fallen world and shadow world, and walk along fractured sources of power to the realms supernal. Many ventured forth attempting to finally explore the supernal realms beyond the confines of the inscrutable awakening. Very few returned, and even fewer with their mind intact enough to retell the journey.

40 years later, there has been no more major fallout from this cataclysm, although many are still trying to explore its implications. Very few have walked the dangerous path of the broken abyss to reach the supernal realms since the first major rush of exploration. A few mages claim to have found their way to a supernal realm and returned to tell the tale. However, most journey forth into the maw of chaos and never return. Many mages still awaken upon the traditional Paths – Acanthus, Mastigos, Moros, Obrimos, Thyrsus; but more and more mages are awakening onto these new paths, more and more new realms are being discovered and cataloged as new members enter the Penticaled orders. Many supernal scholars have started to refer to the multitude of paths as The Arc or The Sphere. There should be a limit to the number of supernal realms, with the fallen understanding of Atlantian Magic seven hundred and twenty possible arcana combinations exist… However, there could be stranger watchtowers created by the sundering which throw all known magic to the wayside.

The largest danger of the sundering is that while it is now possible for a mage to walk the shadowed paths to the supernal realms, it is also easier for the denizens of the abyss to enter into the mundane world and prey upon sleepers and mages alike. Whispers of Supernal entities entering the fallen world are also spoken of, and not all of the denizens are kind upon their discovery of our world.

House Rules:
House Rules – Paradox
House Rules – Global Orders & Additional Merits

Supernal Diaspora [Mage: The Awakening]

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